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8 April 2009

EUDC Council 2009‏

Dear debating community,
EUDC is approaching with speed and so is the EUDC Council meeting.

I would like to ask any institution, country or individual who believes that there is something of importance that needs to be discussed and decided upon in Newcastle to send me an e-mail ( or contact me on Facebook (Spela Kunej) and inform me about issues they want to see discussed. This way materials can be prepared before traveling to Newcastle and delegates can find more info on which to base their decisions.

Up until now these are some of the issues that need to be discussed (or have been discussed before and should be decided upon) -
1. is there a need to split the Central & Eastern Europe region
2. the eligibility of individuals - specifying rules, should there be something like a 6 months grace period, should graduates be allowed to compete till the end of the academic year in which they graduated etc.
3. information regarding the EUDC council online, aka the web-site issue

Suggestions are welcome.You can find current rules in the EUDC constitution and in the Council decisions - links are attached.

Spela Kunej
Council President
Link to the EUDC constitution:
Link to Council decisions since the Constitution was adopted:

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