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15 April 2009

Easters 2009 Results

The 2009 Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships (affectionately known as 'Easters') hosted by UQ finished on Sunday night.

Champions: University of Sydney 1 (Eliza Forsyth, Eleanor Jones, Daniel Swain)

Runners-up: Australian National University 2 (Rosie Bollard, PaulBoulus, Chanelle Carr-Janif)

Top Speaker: Lauren Humphrey (UQ 14)

The 16 Breaking teams - Rank position (Breaking position):
1(-) UQ 14 (ineligible to break due to being a composite team)
2(1) USYD 3
3(2) USYD 1
4(3) Adelaide 1
5(4) USYD 2
6(-) USYD 4 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
7(5) UQ 4
8(-) USYD 5 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
9(6) ANU 1
10(7) UNSW 1
11(8) ANU 2
12(9) UQ 1
13(10) Melbourne 4
14(11) Melbourne 7
15(12) UQ 5
16(-) USYD 9 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
17(13) Macquarie 1
18(-) USYD 6 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
19(14) Melbourne 11
20(-) Melbourne 1 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
21(15) Macquarie 2
22(-) Melbourne 8 (ineligible to break due to the institutional cap)
23(16) Monash 9

Top 10 Novice Speakers:
1. Daniel Swain (Sydney 1)
=2. Paul Karp (Sydney 3)
=2. Chris Bissett (Melbourne 7)
4. Ben Williams (UNSW 1)
=5 Eleanor Jones (Sydney 1)
=5.Rebecca McEwen (Adelaide 1)
7. Anthony Smith (UQ 4)
8. Michael Coutts (USYD 3)
9. Lloyd Wicks (Adelaide 1)
10. Dom Bowes (Sydney 3)

Round 1 - Children
That we should prohibit international adoption
That children should not be allowed to work in the modeling industry
That we should allow corporate sponsorship of schools

Round 2 - Disasters
That the state should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to extreme weather events
That convicted child arsonists should go to conferencing sessions with victims rather than juvenile detention
That we should abolish the right to stay and defend during bushfires

Round 3 - Sex
That the use of condoms in pornography should be mandatory
That anonymous sperm donation should be abolished
That people should not be allowed to have sex with virtual children in online games

Round 4 - Sponsored by UBS
That government stimulus packages should not include cash handouts
That the implementation of Australia's carbon emissions trading scheme should be postponed
That the minimum wage should be frozen during times of recession

Round 5 - International Relations
That the Unites States should stop giving all forms of aid to Israel
That Western governments should stop China from buying their natural resource companies
That we should remove all sanctions on North Korea

Round 6 - Minorities, homosexuals and women
That nightclubs should not be able to exclude people on the basis of sexuality
That we should make welfare payments to indigenous parents contingent on their children's attendance at school
That custody of children born to young teenage mothers should go to the grandparents

Octo-Finals - Civics
That all citizens should be required to complete a set amount of community service every year
That we should require migrants to pass an exam before granting them citizenship
That citizens should be able to recall their government at any time

Quarter-Finals - Finance
That the government should limit the amount of debt that corporations can have on their balance sheets
That the US government should take back executive bonuses paid by companies that have received a bail-out
That we should restrict poor people's access to credit

Semi-Finals - Health
That we should ban homosexual re-education camps
That insurance companies should be able to obtain DNA tests from those applying for coverage
That it should be an offence for people to fail to have regular medical check-ups

Grand Final - Law and Order
That we should criminalize membership of bikie gangs
That indigenous people convicted of a crime should be sentenced traditionally by their own community
That the media should not be allowed to identify criminal suspects before they go to trial

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