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13 March 2009

Update from EUDC

Here is an update from the EUDC org comm.

Dear Debaters,
A mixture of dark and light today, but let us all keep things positive!

1) We have received threatening and abusive email from the debating community over payment. This has upset the full time staffers that are helping us here at the Newcastle Union Society. They are working very hard for us and are absolutely right in their expectation to work free from abuse and intimidation. We would like to add that the Union staff are doing work for EUDC without pay and it is only with their co-operation we can make EUDC a success. Both Oskar and I are deeply shocked and appalled by this behaviour. Let it be known that if anyone engages in such activities, not only will that person be excluded; their entire delegation will be excluded with no appeals.

2) The payment process has started and we hope is continuing without too many troubles.

3) If you have issues with the online payment option, email us on You may pay by IBAN transfer, if you want the details for this, email us at that address and we are more than happy to help. Please don’t just hit the reply button on the payment email, which will for technical reasons go to the wrong person.

4) Both online registration forms are now back up until Friday 1st May at if you want to register new teams (especially new countries) do so. Independent judges are still welcome to register. If you are already registered but want extra teams, we have added extra options so you can register extra teams/judges and still maintain (n-1) on top of your existing delegation. You are free to add extra teams even if you have already paid for some teams. NB: cap is 6. Again, if you have any questions, please do email us at Please do make progress on the personal details form as soon as you can!

5) As you will all know, the economic down turn has affected everyone, especially sponsorship of events like debating. We are happy to announce that we have yesterday confirmed the booking for our final venue (our single biggest cost). This has been possible by juggling our numbers a little, and the kind co-operation of the University. Things are on an even keel, but tight. We would still be happy to receive any offers of sponsorship. If you have a contact; an idea for sponsorship (especially someone that would love to be associated with such a high profile event), or anything you would like to do personally, do let us know! The entire debating community would be very grateful.

Russell & Oskar
EUDC Newcastle'09@NewcastleGateshead

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