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10 March 2009

CSU San Bernardino results

CSU San Bernardino recently hosted a warmup tournament for the US Universities National BP championships.

32 teams contested the prelims, 28 in all 5 rounds.

The break was
1) UC Davis OO 13 points 760 speaks
2) CMC Gold CO 11 points 772 speaks
3) La Verne OG 11 points 758 speaks
5) CSU Green CG 11 points 732 speaks

La Verne won the Final Round based on a Unanimous Consensus.

Final Round Panel: J. Scott Rodriguez (CHAIR), Robert Margesson, Noquomas Wilson,
Joseph Clifton, Jesse Katz Blumenthal.

Honorable Mentions:

4) CSU Gold* 11 points 756 speaks
* withdrawn due to illness
6) CMC Red 10 points 747 speaks
7) CSU Brown 10 points 719 speaks

Speaker Awards:

1) Charlie Sprague CMC 389
2) Colin Murphy Davis 387*
3) Joe Witte CMC 387*
*tie broken on number of miles traveled to and from CSUSB
4) Cassie Gurrola CMC 384
5) Holly Poole CMC 383 (228)
6) Matt Wolfson CMC 383 (225)
7) Adriane Holter CMC 382
8) Bobby Cashen LMU 380
9) Briana Pride La Verne 379 (228)
10) Mike Aguilera LMU 379 (227)
11) Thomas Allison La Verne 379 (226)*
12) Mason Kirksey CSU 379 (226)*
*tie broken on number of miles traveled to and from CSUSB


1) This House believes that the state should publish its own newspaper.
2) This House believes that coal is a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.
3) This House believes that the United Nations should issue a call for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.
4) This House supports accelerated land redistribution in China.
5) This House affirms the inherent right of each person to freely choose the method of their own death.
Final: This House rejects universal jurisdiction.

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