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4 December 2008

WSDC 2008 Scrapbook

Alfred "Tuna" Snider has published a scrapbook from World schools 2008:

The 164 pages of the color scrapbook are now available online for downloading as a pdf. It documents the events in September 2008 as 39 nations at the World Schools Debating Championships gathered, competed, discussed important world issues, made friendships and established networks for the 21st Century.

Right click to download from

It was my honor to be able to put together the booklet in my role as director of tournament operations. My thanks go to our Convener Phyllis Hirth, Chief Adjudicator Aaron Maniam, Claire Ryan (for photos) and many, many more. Especially the awesome volunteers.

The booklet contains:
* An introduction and welcome
* An extensive page of photos. My apologies that some were cut between pages, but originals in an uncut form can be found at<>. The slideshow function works very well there.
* A page with photos and notes for each team.
* Reagan Building thanks (final round venue).
* Thanks to sponsors page.
* All blog entries from the tournament before and after.

The original website will remain at but cannot be altered in any way as the root file has been deleted.

The blog that carried the news of WSDC 2008 will remain at <>for the immediate future, but it will be deleted sometime after the February 2009 WSDC in Athens.

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna

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