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4 December 2008

Worlds DCA Applications re-opened

Dear debaters,
After some discussion with various members of the debating community, we have decided to re-open the DCA applications phase for 2 days to last until 5th December 2008. We want to make clear that this does not mean that we believe that this is necessary because the current applicants are in any way inadequate. I understand that some people missed the applications first time round for legitimate reasons andwant them to be included in the discussion about who is best for the role. Having come to this conclusion, it is only fair that everyone has the same right to be considered.

I hope that this move is not misunderstood. Whilst we will be flexible where we can, this does not mean that we will be rollovers on other issues like registration!

So, if you would like to apply to be a DCA for Wolds in 2010, apply and do it before the end of 5th December 2008. I will then publish an updated list of candidates with the final day for feedback on 12th December 2008.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written to me about the candidates. Every mail will be read and considered.

I hope you are all well and can't wait to see you in Cork,
Koc Worlds 2010

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