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17 December 2008

Results so far from WUPID


Grand Final:
Sydney A
Ateneo de Manila A
Monash C
Vermont A

Semi Finals
Motion: THBT South American countries should nationalize their natural resources.

Room 1
1st Govt Sydney A
2nd Govt Ateneo de Manila A
1st Opp Monash D
2nd Opp UT Mara B
Judges: O’Brien, Connor, Piyanart, Haft, Samnamngern

Room 2
1st Govt Queensland A
2nd Govt Monash C
1st Opp Harvard A
2nd Opp Vermont A
Judges: Harvey-Smith, Ivan Ah Sam, Berna, Chandran, Lillin

Quater Finals:
Motion: THW bomb terrorist bases in Pakistan.

Room 1
1st Govt UT Mara B
1st Opp NUS A
2nd Govt Monash B
2nd Opp Sydney A
Judges: Connor, Haft, Piyanart, O'Brien

Room 2
1st Govt Geopower-Ateneo de Manila A
1st Opp Ateneo de Manila A
2nd Govt Nanyang B
2nd Opp Monash D
Judges: Ivan Ah Sam, Hewson, Nelson, Lillin

Room 3
1st Govt Queensland A
1st Opp Nanyang C
2nd Govt NUS B
2nd Opp Monash C
Judges: Berna, Chandran, Campbell, Harvey-Smith

Room 4
1st Govt Ateneo de Manila B
1st Opp Vermont A
2nd Govt Monash A
2nd Opp Harvard A
Judges: Samnamngern, Salahuddin, Williams, Chong

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