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17 December 2008

HWS / IDEA Round Robin website launched

HWS and IDEA aim to bring together an elite and internationally diverse group of debaters and adjudicators each year for a weekend of debate at the highest level. The tournament will be held in the WUDC debate format, set up in a unique pre-paired round robin, ensuring that every team debates against every other team exactly once in the preliminary rounds. Our goal is to facilitate great debating and to recognize the skills and accomplishments of great debaters and adjudicators by treating them to a weekend of satisfying debate and superb hospitality.

You can now see many more details about our tournament and the surrounding events, including:
* Organizing committee
* Events and hospitality
* Provisional schedule
* Qualification criteria
* Registration information
* Tournament policies
* Prizes and awards
* Historical winners
* Links to previous final rounds (streaming video)

This year HWS & IDEA are working together to draw great teams and judges from around the globe. Applications for at-large invitations are due at the end of January. Contact Eric Barnes (Tournament Convenor) for more information. barnes (at) hws (dot) edu

All the Best,
Prof. Eric Barnes
barnes (at) hws (dot) edu
Debate Coach
Public Policy Program Philosophy Department
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, New York

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