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27 December 2008

Motions from Pan-African Universities Debating Championships

Here are the motions from the inaugural Pan-African Universities Debating Championship, held at the University of Botswana.

Round 1 - Rights
THW legalize Prostitution in All Mining Facilities

Round 2 - Economy
THW Nationalize All Natural Resources

Round 3 - Environment
THW Tie Development Aid to Investment in Green Technology

Round 4 - Money and Corruption
THW Punish Banks if their Clients Launder Money through their Bank Accounts

Round 5 - Conflicts
THW choose public criticism over quiet diplomacy in dealing with Zimbabwe

Quarters - Child Participation / Polio
THBT states should vaccinate children against polio regardless of parental consent

This House Believes That China's Increasing Investment in Africa Brings More Harm than Good

This House Believes that Africa Needs International Military Intervention to Solve her Most Dire Conflicts

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