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7 November 2008

Koc 2010 DCA Applications Open and other news‏

Dear debaters of the world,
It is with great pleasure that I open the application phase for Deputy Chief Adjudicator positions at Koc Worlds for 2010. As per our bid, there will be one DCA position for each of four global regions: North America, "Europe, Middle East and Africa" (EMEA), Asia and Oceania.

The application phase will be open until 21st November 2008. At this point, I will ask for feedback from the debating community about the candidacy of applicants for a further two week period. We will be in aposition to announce our Adjudication Team before the Council on 1st January 2009.

If you are interested in becoming a DCA, I would like you to fill out the form uploaded to the EUDC files section (if you have problems withthe file, get in touch at and I will send it toyou ASAP). I should point out that there is one area in particular in which I will be interested and that is examples of your organizational skills and leadership capacity. Again, if there are any questions regarding the form, get in touch.

I will be at the Oxford IV this weekend to discuss this and any other issue with anyone who wants a chat. Before that, I want to apologize for the delay in our pre-Worlds report to Council. At the risk of sounding like John McCain, our excuse is largely to do with the impact of the financial turmoil on our planning. Just so you don't panic, that impact is largely positive as the euro is now much stronger against the lira. This has given us an opportunity to renegotiate a lot of our agreements with suppliers (in particular the hotel) so we are holding off on reporting until we have something concrete to report.

I hope you can be patient – we will be unveiling some exciting plans in due course.

I look forward to receiving applications for the DCA positions from far and wide and will be in touch soon,

Can Okar
Provisional Chief Adjudicator, Worlds 2010

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