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10 November 2008

Father Guindon Cup 2008

Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey) have won the 2008 Father Guindon Cup in Canada.

1p: Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey)
1o: Hart House (Richard Lizius & Lisa Jorgensen)
2p: Hart House (Nick Shkordoff & Dash)
2o: Queen's (Claudia Newman-Martin & Christine Wadsworth)

Novice Winners: Carleton (Simon Cameron & Emma Robillard-Cole)
Top Speaker: Richard Lizius (Hart House)
Top Novice: Emma Robillard-Cole (Carleton)
Top Public Speaker: Josh J. Magnus Stark (McGill)

1p Queen's (Adam Hetherington & Mark Rubenstein)
1o Queen's (Claudia Newman-Martin & Christine Wadsworth)
2p McGill (Sophie MacIntyre & Hannah Pavalow)
2o Hart House (Richard Lizius & Lisa Jorgensen)

1p Queen's (Robin McNamara & Ryann Atkins)
1o Hart House (Nick Shkordoff & Dash)
2p Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey)
2o Carleton (Andrew Lawrence & Richard Togman)

Novice Final:
1p Queen's (Ali Sajun & John Jeaitani)
1o Carleton (Simon Cameron & Emma Robillard-Cole)
2p Hart House (Steve Penner & Paul Mitassou)
2o Dawson (Misha Solomon & Erin Vandevra)

1 - Hart House (Richard Lizius & Lisa Jorgensen)
2 - Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey)
3 - Hart House (Nick Shkordoff & Dash)
4 - Queen's (Claudia Newman-Martin & Christine Wadsworth)
5 - McGill (Sophie MacIntyre & Hannah Pavalow)
6 - Queen's (Robin McNamara & Ryann Atkins)
7 - Carleton (Andrew Lawrence & Richard Togman)
8 - Queen's (Adam Hetherington & Mark Rubenstein)

Public Speaking Finalists:
1 - Emmett Soldati (York)
2 - Joshua J. Magnus Stark (McGill)
3 - Cal (McGill)
4 - Brian Maxwell (Queen's)
5 - Kassie Dwarika (York)

THW abandon space exploration
THW allow native groups to perform ceremonies in which participants may be harmed
THW abandon all laws restricting cruelty to animals
THW impose a moratorium on home foreclosures
THW use disaster relief as a tool of diplomacy.
Semi: THBT following orders is an acceptable defense for war crimes
Novice Final: THW pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
Final: THW prohibit in vitro fertilization clinics from creating savior siblings

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