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11 September 2008

Dialogue NSU 08

North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh recently hosted the BP tournament "Dialogue NSU 08".

Held form 3-6th September 2008, "Dialogue 08" was the largest BP format tournament ever hosted in Dhaka. Dhaka is a debate circuit which for the last few years has been evolving and gradually getting used to the BP format. This is the first time so many Bangladesh institutions participated in a BP format tournament. Participating institutions are listed bellow.

1. American International University Bangladesh
2. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
3. Dhaka University
3. East West University
4. Institute of Business Adminstration
5. Independent University Bangladesh
6. London College for Legal Studies
7. North South University
8. South East University
9. Islamic University of Technology
10. Stamford University

After frour rounds of Prelims, 8 teams were Broken into the Quarters.

The Breaking Teams were.
1. NSU 8
2. IBA 1
3. NSU 7
4. EWU 1
5. IUT 1
6. IBA 3
7. IUB 4
8. NSU 5

Grand Finale. On a split decision IBA 1 earned the glory. NSU 8 came as the runner up, and EWU 1 and NSU 7 were the third and fourth subsequently.

Round 1THW recognise the independence of South Ossetial
Round 2THW ban Digital Enhancement in magazines and billboards.
Round 3THW ban all Blood Sports.
Round 4THW Ban Coka Cola.
Semi Final THW legalize voluntary ethunasia for lifetime inprisoned War Criminals.
Grand Final THW Build the Wall.

TOP Speakers (based on speaker standing)
1. Rishad Sharif (IUT 1)
2. Nayeem Kashem (NSU 8)
2. Arbaaz Nayeem (IBA 1)
4. Ridwan Karim (IBA 1)
4. Sinha Ibna Humayun (NSU 8)
6. Sheemtana Shamim (NSU7)
6Tanvir Hafiz (SDF 1)
8. Wahidul Bari (NSU 7)

The Chief Adjudicators of the tournament were Zunaed Rabbani and Asif Newaz.

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