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31 August 2008


From WSDC blog

Greetings again everyone.

As promised, here is the draw!

As in previous years, the draw was done blindly. Firstly, teams were placed into four groups or quartiles, based on their performance over the last three WSDCs or based on their being at WSDC for the first time. Next, codes were assigned to teams based on those quartiles. After that, the draw was prepared. The only thing the codes told those preparing the draw was which quartile a coded team was in. They did not know which specific team a code represented. Finally, the codes were swapped for nations' names only after the entire draw was formulated.

This process helped to check against potential bias and it guaranteed a randomness of the pairings within the constraints of ensuring that teams meet a good cross section of opponents, and as far as possible, (given the constraints of the number of teams, the need for a bye round and the different venues), have approximately equal numbers of Prop and Opp rounds, for both prepared and impromptu debates.

Good luck to all teams!

Aaron Maniam, Justin Rodriguez, Chief Adjudicators

Claire Ryan, Secretary, Executive CommitteeWSDC Ltd

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