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10 July 2008

Australs Final

Sydney-1 (Julia Bowes, Naomi Oreb, Steve Hind)
Monash-1 (Victor Finkel, Sashi Balaraman, Kiran Iyer)

will contest the 2008 grand final of the Australasian Debating Championships.


  1. Anonymous8:00 am

    Come on Monash!

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    Go Sydney. We deserve it... It would reflect our general dominance of the tournament! Haha.

    Good luck to both teams though!

  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    any word on topic/sides?

  4. Hi
    Not yet. Hopefully someone will post a comment or send me an e-mail with the details. As soon as I get them I'll post them.


  5. Anonymous11:44 am

    Sydney's general dominance? I'm not sure 2 wins (and 2 finals appearances) over the previous 8 years really reflects that view. They've been one of the top institutions without doubt though.

  6. Anonymous11:58 am

    General dominance of this particular championship, not the australs championship in general.

    This year saw all 6 sydney teams breaking, but only 3 could advance to the octos.

    Half of the semis was made of sydney teams, with one team in the final.

    Sydeny 2 has only really lost to Sydney 1 throughout this entire tournament.

    THAT'S dominance.

  7. Anonymous12:40 pm

    but surely it also reflects the make up of the tournament. Sydney sent a full strength side, all six teams, one of the best they could. From the looks of it, only Ateneo matched that. Most other unis (particularly Australians) sent smaller squads, or had some of their best speakers adjudicating. Well done, they've done extremely well, and having all six teams in the top 16 is a phenomenal achievement, but Monash next year will be a much tougher tournament.

  8. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Umm they broke their entire contingent.

    That's always a great feat regardless of tournament. They also have some v. talented debaters adjudicating. If some societies have a problem encouraging people to debate then that's something they'd have to address.

    You basically just said they are an extremely good contingent. So, let's not try and reduce their achievement. M'kay.

  9. Anonymous1:59 pm

    That's ridiculous to suggest that people are sitting out this one and that makes it less legitimate for the Sydney team.

    Sydney also have some good people not competing at this tournament and if other individuals were too proud to try and compete this year it's hard to imagine they'd be good enough to win anyway. What does Woody Allen say about turning up?

  10. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I heard Sydney won, Naomi Oreb best speaker

  11. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Was Westers just like any other Easters?


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