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2 July 2008

AIDA Council at Australs

Dear All,
This is an important message for institutions attending Australs 2008. It is of particular importance for those institutions that haven't attended an Australs before or for a while. I would be grateful if someone could pass this message to those institutions who are not on this mailing list but who are attending Australs.

1. The AustralAsian Intervarsity Debating Assocation ("AIDA") is the body under whose auspices Australs happens each year. The Annual General Meeting of AIDA is the Council meeting which takes place at Australs each year. The AIDA Council consists of one representative from each member institution of AIDA who are participating at the Championships, and the current executive.

2. Only registered institutions can vote at AIDA Council. The registration fee for 2008 will be decided upon at the pre-Council meeting (see below). In previous years it has been 50 AUD or the equivalent (around 2000 pesos). Registration money needs to be paidto me in advance of the main council meeting (for convenience it would be useful if everyone could do this at pre-council).

3. There are two meetings of Council at Australs each year (are presentative from each institution is required at each one). The first is known as "pre-Council" and deals with institutions seeking exemptions from the affirmative action and n-1 provisions of the AIDA Constitution. If your institution is breaching these provisions, you MUST attend AIDA pre-council and seek an exemption from Council. You will be required to explain your breach and why you deserve an exemption. Failure to do so means no team from that institution can break (either to the main or ESL break).

The pre-Council meeting for 2008 is, at this stage, set down for 3:30pm on Friday (July 4), in the Leong Hall Auditorium (the main briefing hall) at Ateneo.

4. The second meeting of Council is the full Council meeting. The agenda for the 2008 meeting is currently as follows:

1. Confirmation of Minutes of 2007 Meeting
2. Secretariat's Report
3. Report from hosts of Australs 2008 (Ateneo)
4. Report from Women's Forum 20085. Australs 2007 accounts presentation (UT Mara)
6. Reports from executive members (Vice-Presidents of Australia, Asia East, New Zealand, Adjudication and Women's Affairs)
7. Selection of hosts for Australs 2009
8. Proposed amendements to the constitution (available on this mailing list or at the AIDA website).
9. General business

The full Council meeting for 2008 is set down for Tuesday 8 July (thefree day). The agenda will be confirmed at the pre-Council meeting.

If you have questions about this email or either Council meeting, please feel free to email me.
I look forward to seeing you all in the Philippines.

Tom Gole
AIDA President 2008.

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