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21 June 2008


Dear Parliamentary Debate Community,

I would like to invite you to become a member of a new parliamentary community web-site,

This site originally started out as a means to communicate with my students but it seemed quite natural to open the site to the greater community once the WSDC 2007 videos were uploaded.

It is my hope that some of you would like to become moderators (Coaches) of your own forums or of those already created. I would also like to receive applications for Chief Adjudicator and 3 DCAs to help manage the community with administration privileges.

Furthermore it would be wonderful if you would announce and link your national/regional debate associations so that way we can build a directory (with a cool drop-down menu) for anyone to use.

Please do not consider the Log in as a contrary restriction to openness but as as means of keeping some communications or group projects from general consumption until they have been officially released. (Permissions can be managed on a per/content bases so you can fully restrict a group project while at the same time having complete access to your forums or blog.)

Please understand that this site is STRICTLY non-commercial and not-for-profit and it will not populated with banners, pop-ups, or Google links.Most of the works on this site should abide by the Creative Commons Licensing agreements unless otherwise stated.

I have assumed the costs for this project at this time and, if the site grows beyond my financial means, I may ask for the communities permission to create a mechanism for donations but no such requests will be in the near future. My compensation will be to witness students finding the resources they need to debate in the absence of local coaching support.

Anyway, as stated previously, you will find all the preliminary round debates that I videotaped during WSDC 2007. I have somewhat delayed the production of the elimination round debates because the title sponsor, YBM Sisa, created a video set of those rounds and I did not want to infringe on any rights that they may have. However time has passed and I would like to finish those videos as soon as possible.

Could some one please send me the following information so that way I can create the titles accordingly:

Motions for Rounds 0 (Slovenia/Argentina) and the Quarter Finals (S.Africa/Canada)
Speaker's name for: Rounds 0 (Slovenia/Argentina) and the Quarter Finals (S.Africa/Canada)

Once I receive those bits of information I will finish Rounds 0, Octos, and Quarters. Unfortunately my copy of the Finals is horrible and I will not release the footage of the Masters Debate in order to protect the innocent... I could however offer that footage as... blackmail to the highest bidder... HaHaaaa :)

I am sorry that getting these videos out to you has taken way too long but I hope they can still be of service to those preparing for WSDC in DC.

Sincerely, Ian M. Yovdoshuk (parlidebatecoach@MAC.COM)

n.b. Please announce this site to your debaters so that way they can connect with others either here in Korea or Abroad. :)

From WSDC mailing list

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