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19 June 2008

EUDC ESL teams

Dear participants in EUDC 2008,

This is just to remind all ESL teams that in order to compete as ESLthey need to complete the form posted on our On that page, we have also released a listof all teams that so far applied for ESL status. That same list canalso be found below. Should you find a team that is not yet on thatlist, but should be, please forward this message to that team. Also,please distribute this message to your national lists.

We hope to publish a list of our decisions by tomorrow evening.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for applications is June 20th, 6p.m. GMT. Also please remember that only complete application can beconsidered - this actually amounts to some work for us, so sorry forany delays.

We'll see you all in Tallinn!
the ESL committee.

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