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8 May 2008

EUDC: registration and phase 3 still open

Dear all,
Please note that *it is still possible to register for EUDC *at our website We currently have 160 teams on the list, but in case of cancellations we will be able to accept next teams from the waiting list. At this point all registrations will appear in the waiting list, where you will be upgraded from according to availabilities. An automatic invoice is generated at registration, but you will not have to pay it until we have confirmed your place by e-mail. The institutional team cap of 3 and the n-1 rule for judges still apply.

In addition, I am very glad that many of you have followed my last call and have logged in to the EUDC website to enter additional information about their arrival and preferences. Thank you. I hope everyone who has not been able to do so will find 5 minutes for this before next Thursday, 15 May, when Phase 3 closes. And I am still available at if anyone needs a new password for logging in.

Since Monday there has also been *a new feature in the intranet - The Book.* Everyone who has been to the intranet must have noticed that it is possible to upload a photo of yourself and also write a short introduction, which will eventually find their way into the tournament book. We encourage everyone to use this opportunity - it will surely make the championships book more fun to look at later on. After logging in you will also be able to see the photos and introductions everyone else have added so far. Go check it out and make a contribution!

Thank you all for your cooperation and we are looking forward to greet you all in Tallinn in only 46 days.

On behalf of the EUDC Tallinn team,
Maarja Teder
Communication Director
EUDC 2008 Tallinn

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