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16 April 2008

Latest phase of EUDC rego now open.

Dear debaters,

We are glad to announce that Phase 3 of registration is now open!

Phase 3 will stay open until 15 May. Every participant should now find the confirmation e-mail received after registration and use the password in the e-mail to log in to our website. You will find the ‚Login' button in the upper right corner of our website We ask you to provide ALL the required information by 15 May.

After logging in you will also find the Estonian Air promotional code in the travel details section. Please note that this code is meant for use by participants only. For more information about the discount see my previous e-mail or check our website (Host city – Getting to).

PASSWORDS. I know many of you still don't have a password for Phase 3. The reason might be that at registration your name and e-mail address was not entered at all (there are many xx's registered) or it was faulty. If you are missing the password or it doesn't work, please send me an e-mail to info@... and I will help.

Please note that the passwords are for personal use! Every participant has to log in with his/her personal e-mail and password and can see and change only his/her personal information. So you were not supposed to receive one common password for your team or for your institution, but a password for personal use. If you now realize that you are missing the password, contact me and we'll solve the problem.

REGISTRATION. As the payments deadline was 13 April, we do not yet have a full overview of the final number of confirmed teams and judges. We have already had a few cancellations, too. During this week it will be decided if we need to open the registration once more to fill the remaining places. If we decide to do this, we shall post a notification a few days in advance on our website. Please stay updated.


EUDC 2008 Tallinn team

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