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7 April 2008

HWS / IDEA Round Robin Results

Results from this weekend's Hobart and William Smith Colleges/IDEA Worlds Style tournament.

Final Round
First Place ($1000): Harvard (Lewis Bowlard & Cormac Early)
Second Place ($500): Claremont (Kari Wohlschlegel & Charlie Sprague)
Finalist ($100): Hart House (John Ashbourne & Alexander Levy)
Finalist ($100): Oxford (Alex Worsnip & Lewis Turner)

Top Half Teams after prelims (ranked by team points and speaker points)

1 Hart House 13pts 831spks
2 Harvard 13pts 816spks
3 Oxford 12pts 836spks
4 Claremont 11pts 793spks
5 Swarthmore 10pts 801spks
6 Queen’s 9pts 804spks
7 LaVerne 9pts 782spks
8 RIT 8pts 782spks

Top Half Speakers
1 Lewis Turner (Oxford) 424
2 Alexander Levy (Hart House) 421
3 Alexander Worsnip (Oxford) 412
4 Lewis Bollard (Harvard) 411
5 John Ashbourne (Hart House) 410
6 Cormac Early (Harvard) 405
7 Ben Warren (Swarthmore) 404
8 Robert Embree (Queen’s) 402
9 Sarah Sahagian (Queen’s) 402
10 Kari Wohlschlegel (Claremont) 402
11 Cyrus Stoller (Swarthmore) 397
12 Colin Murphy (RIT) 396
13 Josh Martin (LaVerne) 395
14 Meg Dallett (Vassar) 395
15 Severin Randall (Alaska) 394
16 Charlie Sprague (Claremont) 391

Rd 1: This House would bar some nations from sitting on the UN Committee on Human Rights.
Rd 2: This House would force lenders to renegotiate subprime mortgages.
Rd 3: This House would publicly recognize the right of the Tibetan people to national independence.
Rd 4: This House believes that fashion magazines do more harm to women than pornographic magazines.
Final: This House would allow the ICC to have an armed international force for the arrest of war criminals.

The full tab is available at:

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