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8 April 2008

EUDC 2008 update: Phase 2 closed

Dear all,

Phase 2 of registration for EUDC 2008 Tallinn (including the waiting list) is now closed. Here's some information about what will follow.

Registrations. At the moment there are 160 teams registered and 1 team in the waiting list. It is possible that we may have to delete some teams after the payments deadline has passed. If it should happen that after 13 April we are left with less than 160 registered teams (and an empty waiting list), we shall decide how to proceed. It is possible that we will open registration again to allow institutions to register further teams until the general cap of 160 and institutional cap of 3 . We are of course hoping that there will not be many problems with payments, but considering that we had to delete 19 teams (and several adjudicators) during Phase 1, we have to be prepared. So – if your team has not been able to register until now, but still wants to come, please check our homepage for new information on 14 April.

Payments. Teams who are on the list and have not yet made the payment should start to think about it as soon as possible. The payment deadline is Sunday, 13 April – this means we must receive your payment or a payment confirmation by this Sunday! Please read and follow the advice given during Phase 1 (see our homepage - Info for participants).

If you have problems with finding or opening your invoice, you should ask for a new one asap from Piret (piretpo@...). During phase 1 there were several teams who realised this only a few days before the payments deadline, making things quite complicated for themselves. Please make sure NOW if everything is OK with your invoice and in case you need a new one, send an e-mail to Piret before Friday, 11 April 13:00 GMT (end of work week in Estonia).

If you are not sure that your payment arrives at our account before the deadline or if you notice that your status has not been changed to ‚Confirmed' by 11 April, you should immediately contact us and send us a copy of the payment confirmation. To be on the safe side, send us a confirmation even if you're quite sure that the money will arrive. Anything could happen at the banks either on your side or ours, but we will not take into account payments that arrive later than 13 April. If we know you have at least made the payment before 13 April, we are willing to wait a few extra days for the payment to arrive. Any confirmations that reach us later than 13 April will not be taken into account.

Payment confirmations should be sent by e-mail to piretpo@... or by fax at +3726266232 (mark the name Piret Poopuu on the corner).

We are ruthless as to this deadline (the 19 teams that we were forced to delete in Phase 1 due to non-payment can confirm this). This time there are no holidays to complicate things either.

Phase 3 and passwords. Phase 3 begins on 14 April at 12:00 GMT and is closed on 15 May. We could also call it Phase Information. This phase is meant for getting additional information from all participants for running the event smoothly. You will have to log in at our website with the password that you received in the registration conformation e-mail and provide us with information regarding your names (in place of the current xx's), travel details, dietary restrictions, preferences for room-mate, length of stay (if you stay longer) etc.

If you have not received a password for Phase 3 yet, let us know, if you have not yet done so. You will be sent new passwords before we launch Phase 3, where you are going to need the password.

Discount flights. We hope that many of you have already managed to book EasyJet, EstonianAir or airBaltic flights for a good price. We are glad to announce that we have managed to negotiate a deal with Estonian Air ( and they will be offering a discount on flights to Tallinn on the following conditions:
Purchase period: April 14 - June 23
Travel period: June 21-29
Form of discount: 10% discount on flights that cost more than the minimum fare
In order to use the discount, you will need a promotional code. The code and other relevant information will be published on 13 April at our website's FAQs section.

For more information concerning travel possibilities, see our website (Host City – Getting to).


EUDC 2008 Tallinn team

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