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4 March 2008

VAVT Open 2008

Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Russian Academy for Foreign Trade, I would like to invite you to our first ever Open debate tournament. It will be take place on the 5th-6th of April 2008 in the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Moscow, Russia.

The Tournament:
Team cap is 16 teams with the university cap of 3 teams. N-1 rule applies.

Registration is opened from 2 to 23 March 2008.

Debates will be held in WUDC style.

Our CA will Eugene Akulich, World ESL Finalist at MMU Worlds 2005.

Registration Fee:
10 euro per debater and 5 euro per adjudicator.

Please contact Convenor Nick Olshansky or Deputy Convenor Anton Zharinov at

Nick Olshansky
President of VAVT Debating Society
mobile +79265571743
Russian Academy of Foreign Trade
4a Pudovkina Str, Moscow, Russia

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