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4 March 2008

EUDC 2008 Tallinn - more questions

Dear all,
Below you will find a summary of last week's questions and answers concerning registration to EUDC 2008 Tallinn. I apologise for the small delay, as it is already Monday.

By this time next week most of you will hopefully have successfully completed Phase 1 of the registration process and are able to sleep without nightmares about team caps and the n-1 rule.

Here we go:

*Q: We would like to send additional judges to the tournament beyond the n-1 rule. During which phase do we register them and how does it work in general?*

*A: *Registering additional judges is no different from the general process of registration, they can be registered in Phase 1 and Phase 2. There is no institutional cap for adjudicators, but to keep the registration quick and simple, only up to 4 judges can be registered together with the teams. Every subsequent adjudicator from one institution will have to register as an independent judge. Please also see my previous post here <> (Tournament -> FAQs).

*Q: How much does it cost to stay an extra day in the hotel?

A: * If you are planning to arrive before 22nd June and/or leave after 28th June, you will have to pay for extra night(s) at the hotel. One extra night at Reval Hotel Ol├╝mpia costs 37EUR per person. You can book the extra night(s) during Phase 3 of registration. Of course you can stay at another hostel/hotel, which you may be able find for a better price, but in that case please make your own reservations beforehand.

*Q: When must the participation fee have been paid?*

*A: *The deadline for payments is dependent on when do you register. Teams and judges registered during Phase 1 will have to pay the participation fee by 23rd March, teams and judges registered during Phase 2 will have to pay the fee by 13th April. These deadlines are crucial, because your registration will not be confirmed until our receipt of the payment or payment confirmation. Please keep in mind that failure to make payment by due date will lead to annulment of your registration, and given the tight team cap, you may not receive a second chance. Please also see registration information here <> for further details.

*Q: Does 12:00 GMT mean 12:00 at lunchtime?*

*A: *Yes, registration begins on 10th March at 12:00 GMT lunchtime (noon).

*Important note: *In my last post it was said that the registration form contains a dropdown list of institutions for you to choose from. The list we have compiled is a very thorough one, including all institutions that have participated in EUDC 2006 and 2007, so you will most probably find your institution there. If you should discover that your institution is not on the list, then firstly - check once again (also try other possible ways of callingyour institution, e.g Tartu University / University of Tartu). If still no luck, then you can specify your institution in the blank space provided on the form for this purpose. Just to make it clear - there is no use in trying to use this method to evade the team cap!

For further questions, I am continuously available at

You will be hearing from me again at least once before 10th March.

Best regards,
Maarja Teder

Communication Director

EUDC 2008 Tallinn

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