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13 March 2008

More EUDC slots available at 13:00 GMT

And all gone by 13:00:30 GMT so if you want to register you better be quick, and lucky.

From: EUDC Mailing list

Who wants to register to EUDC 2008... here's your chance!

On Thursday, 13 March at 13:00 GMT we will be deleting 4 teams and 1 adjudicator from the list of registrants, which means that exactly at this hour these places will be made available for everybody to register. We are still in Phase 1 of registration, so the institutional cap of 2 teams and the n-1 rule for adjudicators still apply!

We're still holding places for 4 countries which means that the maximum number of teams that can register on Thursday is 116 (the system will automatically lock after that). Hopefully we will have some information about these countries before Phase 1 ends, but we will send a notice about it!

If you want to register a second team for your institution and the required n-1 judge, you have that chance as well, since there's 1 adjudicator slot free. But you have to be quick! If you cannot register a second team because you're missing or you can't register an n-1 adjudicator (because the adjudicator cap has been reached), we are extremely sorry, but there is nothing we can do. We simply did not expect such a rush of adjudicators wanting to come to EUDC 2008. We hope you understand.

So be ready at 13:00 GMT on 13 March to get one of the 4 team and 1 adjudicator places to your institution!

Best of luck!
EUDC 2008 Tallinn team

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