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13 March 2008

Adjudication Subsidy Criteria

I've noticed that in recent years some bidders for a major championships have promised to subsidise or heavily discount experienced adjudicators. Sometimes this happens but more often than not it is like many election promises and doesn't quite materialise.

There is a post from the AUDC Exco on the AUDC mailing list not only actually following up on this promise but actually clarifying what the criteria for "highly qualified and experienced" adjudicators are.

They are offering 5-15 spaces depending on the quality of applications. However be warned. If you fancy a free (or heavily discounted) trip to lovely Malaysia the criteria are tough and I could probably name off only a handful of people who are currently active in debating who would fulfil all three requirements (although you only need one to apply).

Here is the e-mail:

Hello everyone,
During the bid presentation, IIU mentioned that they were giving a subsidy/discount to "highly qualified and experienced" adjudicators so as to encourage these individuals to come to IIU AUDC and improve the adjudication quality of the tournament.

To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, IIUM asked the Exco's help to draw up the quantitative/objective measures as to what makes an adjudicator "highly qualified and experienced" and therefore deserving of the subsidy or the discount. Additionally no adjudicators affiliated to IIUM will benefit from the subsidy. The fund has been allocated by IIUM specifically for this purpose so this fund independent of the budget for the organizing committee.

After some deliberation, the Exco have agreed to propose the following minimum criteria. Those who qualify based on this criteria can apply but may not necessarily be awarded the subsidy (the target is to get the best). Depending on the quality of applicants, IIUM will sponsor a minimum 5 adjudicators and a maximum of 15. The proposed criteria are:

1) He/she must have been a CA/DCA of AUDC, Asians, Worlds, Australs or any major local national tournament OR

2) Was an adjudicator who has:
(a) judged at the semis of AUDC/Asians OR
(b) broken at Australs/Worlds OR
(c) recognized more than once as one of the top 10 adjudicators at AUDC, Australs, Worlds or any major local national tournament OR

3) Debaters who have:
(a) major local/international adjudication experience AND
(b) has made it to the finals of AUDC/Asians OR has made it to the main break of Australs/Worlds
If you have objections, comments or suggestions, please respond to this thread by 20th March.

The fund is substantial and the intention is good, so please if you have any views at all, do respond. If we do not receive any feedback by then, the criteria above will apply.

The process will then begin as below:
1) Open for application (probably will last for two weeks)
2) The exco will deliberate on the applicants and submit the list to IIUM
3) Endorsement and announcement by IIUM (it is unlikely that IIUM will disagree with the exco's recommendation though the university administration retains some discretion in approving the list).

Looking forward to some feedback

Adjudictaion Officer,
AUDC Exco 2007/8

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