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10 March 2008

Ewha win IDEA-CAU Open

Ewha-Kyunghee Intl seing team (Ah-young Kim, Hanna Ko and Jya-hyun Lee) won the IDEA-CAU Open held at Chung-Ang University.

Best speaker was Ah-young Kim (Ewha - swing)

More information can be found at

The motions were (and yes I know I haven't posted the Limerick ones yet it just slipped my mind. I'll try to dig them up tonight)

Round 1 (Law and Crime)
1) THBT naked walkers should be imprisoned
2) TH supports the use of juries for all criminal trials.
3) THW use electronic bracelets to monitor pedophiles after release from prison.

Round 2 (International Relations)
1) TH supports Kosovo's declaration of independence.
2) THBT multinational businesses have a responsibility to adhere to international human rights standards.
3) THBT Turkey should be a member of the European Union.

Round 3 (Sports and Enternatinment)
1) THBT states should not fund sports.
2) THW allow athletes who have undergone sex-change operations to compete as their current gender.
3) THW set a minimum age requirement to become a pop star.

Round 4 (Ethics)
1) TH supports the death penalty for human trafficking.
2) THBT monogamy does more harm than good.
3) THW ban pets.

Quarterfinals (Asian Affairs)
1) THW censure China for its support of the Myanmar government.
2) THBT ASEAN should abandon its non-intervention policy.
3) THW send more troops to Afghanistan.

Semifinals (Gender)
1) THW create quotas for women in parliament.
2) THW give fathers an equal amount of paternity leave as mothers.
3) THBT Britney Spears is a good role model for women.

Finals (Democracy)
1) THBT e-government promotes democratic participation.
2) THW tie foreign aid to democratic reforms.
3) THBT the cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy.

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