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10 March 2008

EUDC 2008 - get ready to register!

Hi everyone,
This is a small reminder to those interested in coming to EUDC 2008 in Tallinn. Please read the information below and then - get ready for registration tomorrow. Registration to EUDC 2008 Tallinn starts on MONDAY, 10 MARCH at 12:00 GMT, that is at noon London time. Phase 1 of registration closes on 16 March at 00:00 (midnight) GMT.

You can register on our webpage at To find the registration form, click on the 'Register now' button above the calendar and info for participants or go to the Tournament -> Registration section on the left pane.

Before you start, I'd like to repeat a few important things:
1) In Phase 1 of registration every institution can register up to 2 teams and up to 4 judges. Additional judges (4+) can register as single adjudicators. If your institution does not register 2 teams during Phase 1, the remaining place(s) will not be kept waiting for you! All places that are not used during Phase 1 will be made available for registration to everyone in Phase 2. So if you have 2 teams interested in participating, make sure to register them both during the week of Phase 1!
2) In Phase 2 of registration each institution is allowed to register only one additional team (until there are places available). This limitation applies even if your institution registered only 1 team or none at all during Phase 1.
3) When filling out the registration form, we suggest to read the information notes by the fields, behind question marks. These will surely help you to understand better what needs to be written in each field.
4) If you can't find your institution from the drop-down list, please double check. It could be that you are searching for 'University of XYZ', but we have listed your institution as 'XYZ University'. Or you may be listed after the name of your debating club. So please try every possible option you can think of before giving up. If your institution is not on the list, you can register by writing the name of your institution in the appropriate blank field.
5) When you have filled in the registration form and clicked the button to submit the information and finally register, you will probably have to wait for a while for something to happen. Please BE PATIENT, let the browser finish at its own pace and don't hit 'stop' , 'refresh' or 'back' right away. It may take anywhere from 15 secs to several minutes for the system to accept your registration, depending on the speed of your internet connection and also on how many teams and judges you register at the same time. The system needs to check if you have filled in all necessary fields etc - that means processing a lot of information before it can give you the green light and lead you to the next page for payment. If it should happen that your computer fails (low battery, power cut etc) while processing, that is after you have submitted the registration information and before your registration is accepted, please contact me before starting to fill in the form again. It could be that we have already received the registration information and then you won't have to register twice.
6) It is crucial to keep to the DEADLINES! If you miss the deadline for payment or any other important date, we will have no mercy and you will be stroken off our list immediately. There will be no exceptions. Therefore we urge you to be active and contact us if something seems to be wrong, e.g. if your registered teams do not appear on the registration list or if your status has not changed to 'Confirmed' after having paid etc.
7) Payments for teams and judges registered in Phase 1 have to be made and received by us by 23 March. We accept payments by bank transfer and by credit card. Cheques are not accepted. Payment of the participation fee should be made in Euros straight away (do not transfer the equivalent amount of your local currency), in order to avoid possible problems with currency converting rates etc. As we have said before, please make sure that we receive the full participation fee 210 EUR - thus the payer must take care of all the bank fees etc.
8) Please also pay attention to the fact that status 'Registered' does not mean that you are on our final list of participants. This only means that you would like to be on the list. You are on the final list of participants only after your status is 'Confirmed'. We suggest you to keep an eye on your status on our web page and inform us immediately if you think something is not right.
If you should have any problems with registration, contact me at and we will assist you in every way that we can.

We wish you good luck with registration and hopefully everything will run smoothly during the next week.

With best regards,
EUDC 2008 Tallinn team

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