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5 February 2008

Results from Scotland

There were three IVs in Scotland this weekend.

ESU European Parliament IV

16 teams from across Europe competed in the ESU European Parliament IV. St Andrews (representing Scotland) won the IV with Rich Penny of Helsinki, Finland the top speaker on the tab and Art Ward of Cork, Ireland the best speaker in the final.

The finalists were:
1st Prop - Deree College representing Greece (Manos & Eirinie)
1st Opp - St. Andrews representing Scotland (Doug & Connie)
2nd Prop - UCC representing Ireland (Art & Tiernan)
2nd Opp - Hesinki University representing Finland (Rich & Ina)

The motion for the final was: This House Believes That The European Union Should Have A Common Foreign Policy.

Strathclyde Cup

UC Cork (Tiernan Fitzgibbon & Art Ward) won the Strathclyde Cup with Beth O'Connor the top speaker on the tab.

The final was:
1st Prop - Fluffy Liberal Kittens (Ewan MacDonald & Beth Connor)
1st Opp - Old People (Kenny Fleming & Jason Vit)
2nd Prop - Molotov & Ribbentrop (Niall Kennedy & John Stewart)
2nd Opp - UCC (Tiernan Fitzgibbon & Art Ward)

Motion for the final: This House Believes That Universities Should Act To Curb The Binge Drinking Activities Of Their Students.

Edinburgh IV
The Composite team of Art Ward and Doug Cochran won the Edinburgh IV.

The final was contested between:
1st Prop - Maddie A Torso (John Stewart & Jason Vit)
1st Opp - Manchester DB (Dan Bradley & James Dixon)
2nd Prop - Durham A (Calum Jones & Rachel Francis)
2nd Opp - Trinny & Suzannah (Art Ward & Doug Cochran)

Motion for the final: This House Would Partition Iraq.

Source: Britishdebate

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