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5 February 2008

Baltic Debate Championships 2008

The first stage of registration for the 2008 Baltic Debate championships is now open.

The championships are on Friday 25th of April and Saturday 26th of April

The registration fee with be €25 per debater, and €15 per judge. N-1 applies for judges

Only Baltic societies may enter during the first stage of registration. For the purposes of this competition 'Baltic' will mean the three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and then any countries with Baltic Sea coastline (eg Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc).

Speeches in the Prelims will be 5 mins in length. The semi and final will be 7 mins.

This is a worlds style event, and use the worlds scoring system.

To register contact the Reg Officer: Anna Bessonova, at or visit the website at

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