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26 February 2008

Global Debate Data

The following has been send to a number of mailing lists. If you can help Jason with the information he needs I'm sure it would be very much appreciated.

I am currently doing research on debate and its level of development in other countries. I am particularly interested in statistical and anecdotal data about how much debate takes place at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels in your country.

Anyone who has information about the following questions would be much appreciated:

Does debate exist in high school, middle school or elementary school?

If yes, is debate taught as an academic class? an extracurricular activity?

Is debate used to teach students English (if your country is not English speaking)?

Additionally, I am looking for bibliographic and (even better) full text articles which link debate to improved English proficiency and language skills.

Any and all help is appreciated, I am under some time pressure regarding this data,

Jason Jarvis
Assistant Dean and Lecturer
Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management
Office: 82-2-3299-1031

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