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29 February 2008

EUDC 2008 Tallinn updates

Dear debaters,
It is time for some updates on EUDC 2008 Tallinn. Those of you interested in the tournament - please read and remember the information below, because it may save you from considerable trouble once the registration opens. Let me remind you that registration for EUDC 2008 Tallinn opens on 10th March at 12:00 GMT. We will also be sending you a small reminder on the previous day (9th March) with the most essential points to keep in mind. But here's what you should know now:

Phase 3: Phase 3 of registration starts on April 13 and continues through May 15 (see our homepage Trounament -> Registration to find out what is Phase 3).

Registration of judges: A maximum of 4 adjudicators can be registered together with your institution's teams in Phase 1 and Phase 2. If your institution wishes to send more than 4 adjudicators, the other judges will have to register as independent judges by choosing Register as Single Adjudicator. Please note that there is no institutional cap for adjudicators, the abovementioned limitation of 4 is necessary to guarantee quicker and easier registration.

Registration of observers: Observers will not have to register on our homepage. If you wish to participate in the tournament as an observer, please send an e-mail to our Communications Director Maarja at In addition to the universal participation fee of 210EUR, observers will have to pay extra 35EUR per day for accommodation at the hotel and 30EUR per day for catering and socials.

Team names: The registration form includes a dropdown list of institutions for you to choose. After you have chosen your institution from the list, the system automatically generates an abbreviation of your institution's name, which will form a part of your team's name. The abbreviation is definitive and can not be changed! The only thing that the teams can do is add an extension to the end to differentiate the teams. Teams are only allowed to use letters A, B, C etc. as extensions (no numbers, no words!). You can add your team's extension in a blank appearing after the abbreviation. A list of institutions will also be published under registration information on our homepage, where you can check the abbreviations for all institutions.

Payments: The system of payments is coordinated through our partner organisation, travel company Estravel, by our travel agent Ms Piret Poopuu. Therefore all questions concerning payments should be addressed to her. Her contact information will be disclosed right next to the invoice you receive after registration. The invoice will be generated automatically by the system after filling in the registration details. You will be able to print the invoice or make the payment by bank transfer straight away.

Cancellations: Please inform us about your cancellation(s) by sending an e-mail to our Communications Director Maarja at We will process every cancellation individually to decide the amount of refund, if any, and other details. Read more about refunds on our homepage (Tournament -> FAQs) .

Visa information: Visa information has been posted on our homepage (see Info for participants). If you need a visa to enter Estonia, please contact Maarja at

ESL eligibility: Every debater who has marked him/herself as ESL will be interviewed on June 22 at the hotel by members of the EUDC Council. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible for ESL, check the definition from EUDC Constitution.

Money-off flights: We have set up a period for buying reduced rate flight tickets. Our partner EasyJet offers you reduced rate flights, using a promotional code, between April 1st-14th. Please note that the EasyJet reduced rates will apply only for routes London (Stansted) - Tallinn - London and Berlin (Schönefeld) - Tallinn - Berlin. So if you want to benefit from the discount, you'll have to connect through London or Berlin. The promotional code will be made available to everyone who has registered by the time.

In case of further questions, please contact Maarja Teder at

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