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4 January 2008

World Championship Final

Motion: THB that people who give HIV to others must pay drug support.

1st Gov: Monash A (Tim Jeffrie & Fiona Prowse)
1st Opp: Cambridge B (Daniel Warrents & Mhairi Murdoch)
2nd Gov: Oxford A (Lewis Iwu & Samir Deger-Sen)
2nd Opp: Sydney A (Dom Thurbon & Chris Croke)

Final Adjudication Panel: Ian Lising (La Verne), Deirdre O'Donoghue (UCD), Diarmuid Early (UCC), Ciaran Lawlor (UCD), Beth O'Connor (Yale), Neill Harvey Smith (Ind), Suthen "Tate" Thomas (MMU), Joanna Nairn (HH UoT), Rajesh Krishnan (SIM).

Apparently the procession into the final involved three elephants
The debate started around 7:55pm Thai time.

Thanks to Oisin Collins for the info

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