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10 January 2008

Note from Koç

Dear all,

On behalf of Koç University Debate Club, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who have supported us and helped with our success in winning the bid for WUDC 2010. We would like to thank all our university and all of our sponsors for their generous support which was the basis of the strength of our bid. We would also like to thank all those who have aided us and voted for us in our quest for hosting the Worlds. And finally, we would kindly like to return the thanks of the NTU Bid Committee and once again show our appreciation for their sportsmanship and commitment.

We are aware of the difficult path that lies in front of us for organizing the tournament that we have promised to organize, and we are also aware of the expectations from our tournament that we are determined to fully live up to. We will be working very hard in the next two years to keep all the promises we have made and to make WUDC 2010 a very special event for all those involved.

Best regards,

WUDC 2010 Koç University Bid Committee

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