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9 January 2008

Feedback on WUPID 2007

Yunus from WUPID has posted the following on his blog

Having organized two debate events and numerous numbers of other debate unrelated events, I’ve grown to be more learned about the trick of the trade. This of course, is downright wrong.
Even when you spend hundreds of thousands for free accommodation, fun, quality adjudication core and etc, you would always be able to capture some unhappy, disappointed faces at the event – and as luck would have it, outside the event as well.

Therefore, in the effort to do away with this guiltiness and to steer clear of further self-reproach, I would very much appreciate if the participants of the recent CIMB WUPID 2007 could take a few minutes of their precious time to download, fill, and submit (email) the form back to me for an improved WUPID 2008.

You could either click here to download the form (Microsoft Words format - 82kB) or go to the downloads page here.

Completed forms should be emailed to or
Thank you.

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