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3 December 2007

Victoria win NZ BP Champs

Victoria University of Wellington have won the New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships held in Wellington over the weekend, beating 31 other teams from around NZ and Australia.

Winners: Victoria University of Wellington A (Christopher Bishop & Gareth Richards)
Runners-up: Auckland University A (Jordan Ward and James Little), Monash/Melbourne (Victor Finkel and Nicole Lynch), Victoria University of Wellington C (Polly Higbee and Clodagh O'Connor-McKenna)

Semi finalists were Macquarie University, Sydney University, Victoria D and Victoria E.

Top five speakers:
1. Gareth Richards (Victoria)
2. Christopher Bishop (Victoria)
3. Nicole Lynch (Melbourne)
4. Victor Finkel (Monash)
5. Jordan Ward (Auckland)

1. This House would force single parents receiving welfare to seek work
2. This House would use quotas to desegregrate Northern Ireland religious schools
3. This House believes the 1st World should prohibit the immigration of doctors and nurses from the Third World
4. This House would allow juries to decide on sentences
5. This House would build power stations in ex-Soviet states to reduce their dependence on Russia
6. This House would ban the broadcast and dissemination of terrorist videos
Semi: This House would immediately establish a Palestinian state in the Fatah-controlled West Bank
Final: This House believes Amnesty International should campaign for abortion rights

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