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2 December 2007

Registration details at WUDC 2008

Dear All,
We are having a very difficult time finalizing our logistics because there are more than 300 people whom we do not have any details about at all. We do not know when they are coming, what is their dietary needs etc. We have around 500 people whose information is incomplete. We urge all of the participants to take this request very seriously. It is badly affecting our preparation for the event. We need all this information to ensure 100% that the event runs smoothly.We are providing excellent services for all participants such as airport pickups, variety of meals based on dietary needs, express visa service at the airport and accommodations.

We have made the system as easy as we could to use. Now I understand it is not perfect. Some may not have experience filling in a dynamic online form. If youneed any assistance please contact our communications director Mr. Rish , hisemail is You can also contact our Internal CA Mr.Ravi at for any matters relating to teams or adjudicators.

If by December 10 we do not have the complete details filled up. We apologize for any inconvenience you face during the tournament. If you want airport pickup, if you want food according to your dietary needs, if you want to go throughthe "fast track" immigration counter, if you want the right accommodation,please fill up all details.

kind regards,

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