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22 December 2007

Cork Worlds Adjudication Team Announcements

Message from Derek Lande:


I am delighted to announce that Cork Worlds has appointed the remaining members of its adjudication team. Erin O'Brien, Ivan Ah Sam and Rory Gillis have agreed to join the team as Deputy Chief Adjudicators. We have also decided to appoint Daniel Patrick McCarthy as an Assistant Chief Adjudicator for the team. Brief excerpts from the CV's of the new members of the team follow which I hope make it clear why these individuals will make an excellent contribution to the running of the competition.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of those who applied, it was a very tough decision to have to take.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Thailand.

Derek Lande
Chief Adjudicator Cork Worlds 2009

Erin O'Brien (DCA)
Finalist: UBC Worlds 2007
Winner: Cork Europeans 2005
Winner: St. Andrews, BPP, Lancaster IV's
DCA: Tallinn Euros 2008
DCA: Macquarie Easters 2008
GF Adjudicator: Berlin Euros 2006

Ivan Ah Sam (DCA)
Semi-Finalist & 6th Speaker: Dublin Worlds 2006
Winner & Best Speaker: Australasians 2005
Winner: Sydney Mini, Cork IV, UKM Pre-Worlds
Best Speaker: Sydney Mini, Melbourne Mini, UKM Pre-Worlds
CA: Sydney Easters 2007
DCA: Easters 2006

Rory Gillis (DCA)
Best Speaker & Semi-finalist: Dublin Worlds 2006
Finalist: Oxford, Cambridge & CUSID BP Nats
GF Adjudicator: Yale IV, Hart House IV
Best Speaker: Northams
Winner: Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins
Tournament Director: Yale APDA Tournament

Daniel Patrick McCarthy (ACA)
Finalist: Koc Europeans 2007
Winner: Nottingham IV, Cork Invitational, Galway Invitational
Semi-Finalist: Cork IV, St. Andrews, UL, Irish Mace
Treasurer: UCC Philosophical Society

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