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23 November 2007

System failure at

Below is a note from This will impact on anyone subscribed to the World Championships Mailing list.

Hi all.

You may or may not have noticed a significant drop in spam over thelast few hours: this is as a result of losing its primary harddrive.

I am currently working as hard as possible to find a way to recoverthe situation, and would like to apologise profusely for taking a fewhours to even notice the problem - as far as I can tell (its hardwithout access to the logs that are *on* said drive) it occurred earlythis morning.

I would appreciate it if you could think of ways to get news out toyour various constituents of the problem, and the fact that I amworking as fast as possible to get data and services back online asfar as I humanly and financially can. A "we're having a problem"webpage will come up within a day (thanks the speed of changingcertain things on the inter-web), more details and information as Ihave it.

Best regards,

Brad Shuttleworth

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