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6 November 2007

Cork Worlds 2009 DCA Appointments Feedback Process

Applications for the Deputy Chief Adjudicator positions at Cork Worlds in 2009 have now closed.

I am delighted to announce that the following individuals applied:
Alexander Blenkinsopp
Daniel Schut
Declan Bruton
Erin O'Brien
Ivan Ah Sam
Jason Rogers
Jess Lopez
Jessica Prince
Liz Sheargold
Niall Kennedy
Rory Gillis
Steve Johnson

Anybody who would like to give feedback on any of the applicants is welcome to do so privately by emailing me at

I would request that people please respect those whom have put themselves forward by only giving feedback privately. I don't believe it would be fair for anybody to be discussed on mailing lists/message boards. A public debate would only serve to discourage people from putting their names forward in future.

Feedback is welcome from both individuals in their own capacity, as well as those representing societies, institutions and national bodies. If you giving feedback on behalf of a body of people I would appreciate it if you could clearly state so in your email as otherwise it will be taken as your opinion alone.

Feedback will be accepted up until 6pm (Dublin/London Time) on Monday the 26th of November 2007.

Derek Lande
Chief Adjudicator
World Universities' Debating Championships, Cork 2009

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