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6 November 2007

Carleton win CUSID BP Championships

Winning team Carleton - Adam Coombs & Garnett Genuis


  • HH/Carleton - Nick Shkordoff & Ian Freeman
  • Alberta/Calgary - Julia Lisztwan & Brent Kettles
  • Alaska - Mike Rose & Ben Ferguson

Semi Finalists

  • UBC - Kasha Chang & Evan Choate
  • Carleton - Andrew Lawrence & Daniel Westlake
  • Alberta - Wallis Rudnick & Nicholas Tam
  • Claremont - Charlie Sprague & Kari Wohlschlegel

Top Novice George Trotter (HH)

Top Novice Team Alberta - Aneka Jiwaji & Nolan Sawatzky

Top 3 public speakers

  • 1. Iain Ireland (Saskatchewan)
  • 2. Candace Williams (Claremont)
  • 3. Nathan Pinkoski (Alberta)

The motions for the tournament:

  1. THW make the HPV vaccine mandatory
  2. THBT information gathered from social-networking sites should never be admissible in court
  3. THW ban beauty pageants
  4. THBT the west should match China's investment in Africa, dollar for dollar
  5. THS the use of binding faith-based arbitration in civil matters
  6. Semi - THBT the US should cut all ties with the Musharraf regime
  7. Final - THW deny fertility assistance to the poor

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