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20 October 2007

Worlds Update

Dear All,
The committee for WUDC 2008 has put up the final list of teams on our website under the TOURNAMENT link. We are extremely sorry for being quiet for some time. As all of you know from my previous emails, we reached the team cap and we continued to have many more teams registering during the start of late registration phase. We had to lock down the system to control registration process.

A lot of people were transferring payments without registering and receiving confirmation from me first. A lot of people registered on time but did not transfer payments on time. You must register and transfer payments on time to have your slots fully confirmed. Things had to be cleared out. We listened to each and every one of your cases. We tried to accommodate to the maximum. The adjudication core permitted us to accept the first 40 institutions on the waiting list, increasing the total number of teams to 400! We currently have confirmed slots for 400 teams. The teams that were on waiting list have been confirmed their slots. So no new teams will be added at all.

We accepted the first 40 teams on the waiting list as a good will to the debating community and
participants. The adjudication core and committee had extensive discussions before coming to this decision. We looked at it from tournament and logistical perspective. We appreciate and really are grateful for all the support and excitement. We will do our best to be a good host to all of you.I apologize to the institutions that were not permitted to send teams to this teams worlds. Believe me, we were and still under intense pressure. Our institution, committee and adjudication core cannot accept more teams. All of you will agree with me that 400 teams in a championship is quite a challenge to manage in every way.

We will be unlocking the registration system for all the registered teams to add delegate details. That will be announced shortly as Rish and his programmers need to modify the system a bit. You will not be able to change number of teams and adjudicators. We will be removing all the extra teams that our on the system that have not been confirmed.

Our dormitory has high speed internet access. Two LAN ports per room. Please bring your own LAN cables. If you wish to purchase LAN cables, our staff will be selling them.

We will have transportation provided from Pattaya to international airport. Airport pick up will be provided. You must leave 5 hours before your flight time from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Accommodation will be available for those who want to stay longer with special rates.

Transportation only be provided till the January 5th. After the January 5th your responsible for your own transportation and accommodation. We will do everything we can to help. We will arrange special discount hotel rates for those who want to stay longer with the Hotel.

Halal, vegetarian and Kosher food will be especially provided for all our guest.

I am proud to announce that this years World Champion will be rewarded the King's Cup! The Royal trophy from His Majesty the King of Thailand, on the auspicious occasion of His 80th Birthday. This is the highest award anybody can get in Thailand.

Last but not least, WELCOME TO WORLDS!

kind regards,Tarique Shakil

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