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12 October 2007

Tips: What you need to hold a debate

It doesn't take much to hold your first debate but it is one of the most common queries I get.

Therefore the basic elements are:

- A motion that is debatable and challenging but suitable for the level of experience of the debaters.

- Two sides (Government/Proposition and Opposition)

  • There should be at least 3 people on each side.
  • This can be made up of one team or multiple teams/individuals on each side.

- A chairperson to introduce the speakers and control the debate

- A time keeper to keep time and make the time signals

- For competitions you need an adjudication panel of at least 3 people. The chair of the panel should be the most experienced adjudicator.

- Layout the room so that the proposition are to the right of the podium and the opposition are to the left.

- The "podium" can either be in the middle between both teams (most common) or there can be one on either side.

- The Adjudicators should sit together in the middle facing the podium.

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