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2 October 2007

ESU Korea Debate Championships

Greetings All,

I would like to share the results and motions of the English Speaking Union (ESU) Korea Debate Championships held over the weekend here in Seoul. Many thanks to all the student adjudicators, volunteers, debaters and crazy fans who made this happen. Also, a big thank you to sponsors ESU Korea, Joong Ang Newspapers and Dr. Kil Jeong-Woo, Secretary General of the ESU Korea.

It was an awesome tournament, culminating in an exciting final debate on the topic of Adultery in Korea, held in the Korean Chamber of Commerce, followed by an awesome closing dinner (and even more closing drinks!!).

On behalf of Sumi Kim (ESU), Kim Ju Ho (Convenor & DCA), Andrea Choi (DCA) and Logan (CA).

Results >>

Champions : EDiS 1 (Nurliana Kamaruddin, Chung Yoo Jin, Kim Ah Young)
Runners Up : Hanyang 1 (Lee Ji Hoon, Park Su Mi, Cho Hyung Gu)
EDiS 3 (Park Inyoung, An Hee Jin, Choi Selim)
Hanyang 2 (Jun Joon Sub, Lee Won Mo, Lee Ji Soo)

Top 5 Speakers
1. Nurliana Kamaruddin (EDiS 1)
2. Kang Jee Soo (Korea 1)
3. Ye Jing Zhi (DAE 1)
4. Kim Ah Young (EDiS 1)
5. Lee Ji Hoon (Hanyang 1)
5. Choi Jong Min (Korea 2)

Motions >>

Prisoners : Round One

This House Supports exchanging prisoners to free hostages from terrorist organizations
This House Believes Prisoners on facing life imprisonment without parole should be allowed to choose the death penalty
This House would use electronic bracelets to monitor paedophiles after release from prison

Life : Round Two

This House Believes that All States Should Grant the Right to Citizens to Have Dual Citizenships
This House Believes That New Migrants Wishing to become Citizens Should be Required to Pass a Language and Values Test
This House Believes Flag Burning Should Not Be a Crime

Sports : Round 3

This House Believes That only countries with good Human Rights Records should be allowed to host the Olympics
This House Supports the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
This House Believes That female athletes at the Olympics should get the same amount of TV Time as Male Athletes

Free : Round 4

This House Believes that Drugs created from Research funded by the Government should be free of copyright
This House Believes that Governments should only use free open source business software
This House Believes that Once we Find the Cure for AIDS we should give it out for Free

Quarters : International Organizations

This House Believes that International Government Aid should only go to Non-Governmental Organizations
This House Would Ban Rogue Nations from the United Nations
This House Believes the European Union should Abolish all preferential trade agreements with former colonies

Semis One : That Country

This House Believes that China Should Float its Currency
This House Believes that China should intervene to support the people of Burma/Myanmar
This House Believes that China's dominance of global manufacturing brings more harm than good

Semis Two : Schooling

This House Believes that Pregnant High School Students should be allowed to take maternity leave
This House Would teach ethnic relations in schools to promote national unity
This House Believes that homosexuality should be included as part of compulsory sex-education programs

Finals : Women

This House Believes Adultery Should Not Be Illegal
This House Would Abolish all Women Only Universities
This House Would Allow Late Term Abortions of Fetuses with Disabilities

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