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1 October 2007

CUSID Central Novice Championships

Top Team: Hart House - Giorgio Traini and George Trotter

Queen's - Adam Hetherington and Meagan VandenHof
Marianopolis - David Rudin and Michael Stepner
HH - Kalim Kassam and Doug Sarro

McGill - Sean Stefanik and Nicole Gileadi
Queen's - WuDi Wu and Yiran Zheng
HH - Santiago Vega and Darryl Koh
York - Jeremy Larkins and Jeric Kison

Top Speaker: McGill - Sean Stefanik
2nd: Marianopolis - David Rudin
3rd: Marianopolis - Michael Stepner
4th: Queen's - Adam Hetherington
5th: Queen's - WuDi Wu
6th: HH - Giorgio Traini
7th: McGill - Nicole Gileadi
8th: HH - George Trotter
9th: HH - Raj Pattani
10th: Queen's - Megan VandenHof

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