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7 October 2007


Join the best teams and adjudicators in beautiful Malaysia this December
While I'm writing this, there's about 2 months left for the inaugural CIMB Group World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (CIMB WUPID) 2007. Our Sponsors and the organizing committee has been working 24 hours a day to ensure a great and memorable tournament. As registration for the invited teams have been opened, it has come to our notice that there are a few teams that could not make it for the tournament due to some unforeseeable circumstances (exams, university approval etc).

Proudly we at CIMB WUPID would like to open up registration of interests for teams who would like to come and compete in tournament. All you need to do is, email me at and leave your contact details i.e. email add, handphone number.

Another important note is that, an invitation to CIMB WUPID would also mean access to a entirely free tournament and a chance to win prizes worth MYR 18, 000. The cost of accommodation, food, venues and socials would all be absorbed by the organizer. Each institution is allowed to send a maximum of 2 teams (4 debaters) and the N=1 rule would apply for adjudicators. Any more than that, observers would have to pay a rego fee of 100 USD.

Kindly express your interest via email as we are looking forward to finalize the participants. Looking forward to see you at the inaugural CIMB WUPID.

Cheers !!


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