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7 October 2007

Bangladesh Open 2007

The organizing committee of Worlds MINI and Bangladesh Open would like to thanks all the registered participants form India, Malaysia, Korea, Philippine, Australia, Pakistan and other parts of the world for their registration. We are 20 days way to the registration closing. We would like to remind all of our prospective participants to register as soon as possible. We are going to reach our championship team cap very soon like this year WUDC.

For registration please visits our online registration page at

We are currently having very experience adjudication panel for this Esteemed Global BP Debating Championship which is led by Ravi Prajapati, chief adjudicator internal to this year WUDC. Participants of this year World Universities Debating Championship and many Teams, who are failed to register to WUDC 2008, all will get the mint of WUDC in this Worlds MINI in Bangladesh. We are planning to accommodate 100 teams which will open the door for these universities to experience World Class BP Debating Championship in South Asian region.

Please visit Bangladesh Open 2007 and Worlds MINI 2007 official website at

The organizing committee has also decided to raise the Local (Bangladeshi Teams) registration fees for the Championship. According to the new registration policy the local teams from Bangladesh have to pay USD 100 for per team. And the Local Adjudicator will pay USD 50 for this grand championship.

We are working 24/7 for this Championship to make it a grate and memorable one for our participants from around the World and we are confident with our Most Experience adjudication panel and with championship utilities; that Bangladesh Open 2007 and Worlds MINI 2007 will give you memories to remember.

Details of the Final Adjudication Core Bangladesh Open 2007 and Worlds MINI can be found here

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