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26 September 2007

NTU to bid for Worlds 2010

Dear All,
The following has been sent to me for distribution on the relevant listserves. Please forward accordingly. Thanks very much.


--Forwarded Message Attachment--

Hi Ian
Following from our earlier discussions, I am proud to inform you that NTU (Singapore) will be bidding for the Worlds Universities Debating Championships in 2010. We will be presenting a comprehensive bid during the Assumption Worlds later this year.

We believe that our track-record in hosting major international tournaments (All-Asians 1994 and 1997, Australasians 2001, Worlds 2004, AUDC 2005) will stand us in good stead as we seek to host yet another great Worlds. While retaining the formidable efficiency from our 2004 edition, we promise a great deal more fun and some spectacular socials in 2010.

We have already obtained the complete backing of our university and roped in sponsors. Our work with airlines, hotels and corporates have yielded very positive results so far. Now we feel it is time to get the input of all potential participants and the broader debating community. We hope to hear from everyone regarding their expectations from our bid, on all matters including debating, adjudication, costs, accomodations and socials. We intend to working towards giving everyone the Worlds as they want it.

The bid website is up at and all queries/feedback/comments can be emailed to

We hope you can help forward this message to the Worlds community and thus formally announcing our bid. We hope to working closely with you in the coming months as we finalise the details of our bid.

Thank you

Vikram Balasubramanian
(on behalf of the NTU Worlds 2010 Bid Committee)

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