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28 September 2007

CIMB WUPID: Adjudication Core

Dear all,

The inaugural CIMB Group World Universities Peace Invitational Debate was first conceived with the idea of showcasing an international debating event gathering elites from around the world. For such an event to be a success, not only are debaters important but also the adjudicators.

The organising committee has over the past months deliberated and decided on the following individuals to form the basis of the adjudication core at CIMB WUPID 2007. We are sure and promise institutions attending CIMB WUPID excellent rounds of quality adjudication and have the following individuals to help us deliver that to you.

The adjudication core for the inaugural CIMB WUPID 2007 is:

  • 1) Omar Salahuddin (Chief Adjudicator)
  • 2) Colm Flynn
  • 3) Neill Harvey-Smith
  • 4) Alfred Snider
  • 5) Piyanart Faktorngpan

Each and everyone of the CIMB WUPID adjudication core is no stranger and has had years of experience debating, training and organising tournaments.They have all been instrumental in nurturing debate champions and we look forward to WUPID as a debating event showcasing such high powered adjudication.



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