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23 August 2007

New Blog for European Debating

So far, there was no single source from where to find out about debating events in Europe, but now there is:

Although it's only a trial for now, this site is dedicated to collect information on debating events all across Europe on any level. It aims to give a complete overview of all debating events, be it school, university or otherwise, regional, national or international and in any language. It includes a calendar to easily keep track of events.

To keep it small and useful, this site will only advertise future events - and leave reports etc. to the well established sites.

For now it will publish the events that are posted across the major lists. However, we may be missing many small events this way, so if you have info on those, please just send me an e-mail.

Anyone interested will be granted publishing rights, this goes especially for country reps of course - just contact us, please.

Please pass the info on to any event organizers you know about and spread it to your own lists.


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