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9 August 2007

Eudc Grand Final

The grand final is about to start. The Draw is:

1P: Cambridge B (Giles Robertson & Sam Block)
2P Cambridge A: (Daniel Warents & David Tite)
1O: UCC Law B (Stephen Nolan & Daniel P. McCarthy)
2O: St. Andrews A (Connie Grieve & Doug Cochran)

TH believes that the state should publish deliberate untruths during time of war.

Can Okar
Anat Gelber
Will Jones
Klaas Van Schelven
Andrew Fitch
Neil Harvey Smith
Jenni Harrison
Eoin Kilkenny
Jamie Furniss

Note: Even though the post says "posted by Colm" it is actually Derek Lande who is mailing updates straight to the site from the final venue. Because the updates are coming in by e-mail the system processes them as being from me even though I'm in wet and cold Limerick. Thanks in advance to Derek for his updates.

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